Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Disturbing case of the Political Closet

Spring. To many it means a new beginning. A time for new ventures, new loves, new awareness. To others it bring the thought of how much they have to get their affairs in order. Clean out their closets..and refresh themselves. Much like New Years..out with the old, in with the new. There are some whoever, that have settled those affairs because they are forced to. Case in point, one Senator Roy Ashburn of California, who although has voted against gay rights consistently under the guise of “ I vote the way my constituents want me to vote” didn't vote for his constituents at all or his own conscious. This to me is the height of hypocrisy. If that were true, why not uphold the sanctity of marriage? Not just heterosexual marriage. I don't mind the Senator not wanting to get married to a man, but I do draw the line when he votes against the rights of other gays to do so. It seems to me that for many in the closet, it is fine to pick men up at a bar, another thing to get married to one. Or is that not something worthy of a Senator?

Senator Roy Ashburn who is divorced and has 4 children, was caught and subsequently arrested for driving under the influence a few days ago. He had as a passenger an unknown male whom he had picked up in a bar. Is this the act of a man who has the thoughts of his constituents in mind? I would wager that such a person would have his voters and kids in mind before all else. Sadly this was not the case. Why is this important, some may ask? It is extremely important, if only for one fact. Public office brings with it an expectation that someone will do their job without any underhandedness. To vote against gay rights under the so called understanding that it is what voters want is a sad thing, if it isn’t genuine. Roy Ashburn was not, and is not genuine. His appearance on a talk show after the fact says nothing. It says he got caught, he admits as much in his radio appearance. it is easily available on Youtube. When asked during the interview whether he personally agreed with votes he made regarding gay rights issues, Senator Ashburn left the question unanswered. To add insult to injury he did something that was illegal by driving under the influence. An action that may have had grave consequences. It could have cost not only the life of his passenger and himself, but that of any one on the street.

It is a shame that those that are in the public eye, Celebrities and Politicians alike are not held accountable. Anyone else without a doubt have been. Yes, many of us make mistakes in our daily life, but we aren’t in the public eye. Doesn’t make us any better. The thing is this: when you have within your grasp the power to affect the lives of others, you have the burden of doing what is right. Senator Ashburn, like many, disregarded this fact. Until he got caught. My Guess is that Senator Roy Ashburn will be in the second part (should there be one) of a documentary called “ Outrage”. It is about Politicians who while closeted, do nothing for their gay constituents. In fact they go out of their way to do what they can against them. Here is a clip:

The amazing fact is that many who are supposed to be role models...simply aren’t. The list of influential people who betray those who believe in them is long. The list of senators too, is long. Take your pick. Senator Ashburn is not the only one. Senator Ashburn is indeed in good company. Senator Larry Craig, who was arrested for trying to solicit a police officer in a restroom. Senator Mark Foley, and allegedly Senator Charlie Crist of Florida, whom it is widely speculated is gay. Senator Jim McGreevey who after two marriages and one daughter from each marriage had to say “ I too am a gay American”. He started an affair with another man after only 34 days after being elected. Do you see where I am going with this? I hope Senator Ashburn does. If only for his family and what he can do for those constituents who voted for him. Both gay and straight. The time of hiding in the closet while being a hypocrite and holding back those who deserve the same rights,are long over.


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