Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jose Peralta wins against Hiram Monserrate!

Yesterday Jose Peralta defeated former Queens Senator Hiram Monserrate in a special election . Mr. Monserrate had tried to regain his former post after the New York State Senate had ousted him. This came after the fact that Hiram Monserrate, who is, I’m ashamed to say, a fellow Puerto Rican, dragged his girlfriend after he had cut her at his home in Queens. An account his girlfriend , Karla Giraldo later recanted. It was however partially caught on tape as evidenced in this article in NY Daily News. He was found guilty of a misdemeanor and subsequently dealt with by the Senate. He now has plans to try to gain Mr. Peralta’s seat in yet another special election. No date has yet been set.

I sincerely hope that those who do take the time and effort to got out and vote give special consideration to whom we place in office. While many people do make mistakes, some are more serious than others. Perhaps now Mr. Monserrate will think before he acts, should he ever find himself losing control. His use of Domestic abuse has been noted, and it has cost him dearly. It could have cost his mate more.

Hiram Monserrate was one of the Senators who voted no to gay marriage last year. He had said he would vote for gay marriage, but later reneged. Perhaps now he'll rethink not only that action, but that of how he treats his girlfriends. He now has time to think of why he lost to Mr. Peralta ,who has said and shown by his actions, that he is for gay rights. It is time for those in office to live up to their obligations. Not just talk about them.


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