Sunday, March 14, 2010

The New Era of DADT: Don't Repeal, Don't Enlist.

The resolution to over DADT more commonly referred to as “Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell” is one many men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces will have to wait to see. It is an outcome being awaited with much controversy not only for heterosexuals but for gays as well. The end to the policy which allows gay military personal to serve as long as they don't divulge their sexual orientation may soon be here. While it has been in effect since it’s inception in 1993 after being signed into law by former President Bill Clinton. There is now overwhelming support by for the repeal of DADT not only by those in the LGBT, but by President Barack Obama.There is growing support among the major leaders of the Armed Forces to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell such as Colin L. Powell and Admiral Mike Mullen,The Chairman of The Chief Joint of staff who recently stated the following:

“No matter how I look at the issue, I cannot escape being troubled by the fact that we have in place a policy which forces young men and women to lie about who they are in order to defend their fellow citizens,”.

Many issues will undoubtedly have to worked out before this unfair law can be repealed, but the time is almost near. The military and its influential leaders are beginning to realize, like most of the World, that gays in the military can and do as good a job as their heterosexual counterparts. Presently 25 Countries allow gays to serve openly. They are:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

There is no doubt that it may not be an easy thing to repeal DADT. Although President Obama can repeal DADT using his Executive powers, this is something that he will most likely not do. After all, no President wants to overstep certain boundaries, politics being what they are. Still, as Bob Dylan sang in 1964 “The Times they Are A Changing". Just recently it was announced that women will probably be able to serve aboard submarines next year, in 2011. An occurrence that has not happened since the inception of submarines, over 100 years ago. While some say that having men and women in such close quarters will lead to disruption of service (as if we were talking about cable tv) some believe it is inevitable. It is thought that such a situation will lead to infidelity and scandel among the enlisted. Let me get this straight. Men and woman who serve can handle the rigors of war, but can’t handle their sexual urges? The same is said of the gays enlisted. Sad that America has a top notch military, but those in charge don’t believe our men and women in the Armed forces can be trusted with one another.

It seems that America will have to come to terms with the state of an ever changing world. Already 25 Nations have. When will we catch up?


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