Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome to The B.L.O.G. Espression

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm excited to now have a better way to communicate with the LGBT community and our friends and allies. The Purpose of this blog is to bring some information and awareness to LGBT issues. I named it The B.L.O.G. Expression because my partner is Black and I am Latino(Puerto Rican) and we are also out and gay. The I chose the motto because of not only the need for people of color to be represented, but also because many mistakenly believe that being gay is a chioce or something one flips on and off.After decades as a gay man, I can tell you it most certainly is not.

Over the years I have discussed the lack of inclusion of people of color. It seems everytime we see a black or latino it is on an ad against HIV. While HIV is a serious illness,it is by no means the representation of gay people of color. The need to be accepted and have role models is a value known to almost everyone who has ever lived, and to that end I hope this site will give some knowledge and comfort to those who may be dealing with what is at times a hard life.

There are many sites offering sex and such. This is not one of them. Although there will be times when I will post some non porn eye candy. lol. This in no way means that this is ONLY a site for Gay people of color. This is a site for everyone whom through their respect and love for all people,understand that love is love. I hope you enjoy my blog.


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