Friday, March 12, 2010

The Religious Right and The Persecution of Gays

News just broke that the U.S. Supreme Court will soon take up the case of a lawsuit against The Westboro Baptist Church. A Kansas based Church headed by Fred Phelps whose foundation is based not on G-d, but on division among G-d loving persons of all faiths. The main teaching of Pastor Phelps and his congregation is based primarily on the preaching of “G-d hates fags”. These are not my words,they are the words on which the pastor has built his Church and following.

Pastor Phelps is not the only leader of a Church which is anti gay. Bishop Harry Jackson is the Pastor of Hope Christian Church. It seems that both men are cut from the same cloth. Pastor Jackson also believes, as does his colleague, that gays are immoral. He has tried at every turn to thwart the Civil Rights of gays. I don’t know about how Christian one should be, but I know one thing: G-d did not mean for men to preach hatred and animosity among his followers.

The main platform of many who speak out against gays is that we, as a people, are an abomination as so often stated by them under their chant of:

Leviticus 18:22 Man shall not lie with man as with woman. Its is an abomination”.

This is the Holy Grail for those whom while being anti-gay have the audacity to say “we love gays, but hate the sin”. How so? How is it love when Westboro teaches their young to hold hateful signs against not only gays, but America as well, which read “G-d hates America”? Proof of this can be seen in these articles by The Examiner and The Washington City Paper. These are the same bigots who are crying about how much gays want to indoctrinate children, and how we should be stopped lest we destroy the moral fabric of the youth. It is one of the saddest parts of bigotry, because children are being taught intolerance through no fault of their own. This is what I think as an abomination.

Those who would say that G-d is the one saying gays are an abomination would do well to also remember this passage:

Leviticus 21:17 They shall not take a woman who is profaned by harlotry, nor shall they take a woman divorced from her husband, for HE is Holy to G-d.

Are we to believe in this day and age, centuries after the bible was written, that men are holy to G-d, but women aren’t? It also says that a man cannot take as his wife any woman who is not a virgin, is a widow, divorced or a harlot. If she be divorced no man may marry her lest she marry a priest. How do you like that one? Non clergy cannot have her...but a priest can? Does this seem like the word of G-d today? Religion is wonderful, and I believe in G-d., but that is neither here nor there. Many would like to make it seem that gays want to change not only marriage, but the word of G-d. Religion when interpreted to enslave or spout hatred, in my opinion, is not the true conveyance of G-d’s will. Under the wording as it was written, there should not be any marriages of divorced women. Seems ridiculous doesn’t it? This is the reason I made up the image of the bible that accompanies this article. G-d is love! Sad that man, many times, isn't.

The times of miracles may be over for many. I for one would like to ask G-d for one more. The miracle that religious institutions stop their persecution of those that have been made victims in the name of G-d's word and will. Can I get an Amen?


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