Thursday, March 25, 2010

Help Free The Scott Sisters

Right now as I write the beginning lines of this post I am reminded of a few words that were drilled into my head as a child:
 "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands,  one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
Did I remember it wrong? Was the ending actually “with liberty and justice for some”? No. I double checked. I can only imagine Jamie and Gladys Scott must have thought so too. I can only imagine the times, during the 15 years the two girls have been incarcerated for a robbery crime that netted 11 dollars. The two ladies Jamie 38, now suffering from renal failure and her sister Gladys, 34 are serving not one but two life sentences for a crime to which they plead not guilty. The other persons convicted of the crime got plea bargains and served 10 months in jail. Justice? The girls still maintain their innocence.

It is inconceivable, that the Scott Sisters have been subjected to so many years in jail, for a crime in which no one was murdered or even injured. Perhaps luck just wasn’t with them, the day they were sentenced. Perhaps they would have fared better had they been sentenced by the judge who sent Martha Stewart to “Camp Cupcake”? I’m sure that was worth more than 11 dollars.

I sincerely hope that we, both mainstream and celebrities alike, especially the media, do something about the situation these two young women are in. Lets face it, if they were rich, they wouldn’t be in jail. Even at the rate of one year per dollar netted, they would have served more than their time. But alas, Justice isn’t like work, there is no mirror to “equal pay for equal work”. Just time served. I think most would agree with me: Jamie and Gladys Scott have paid enough.

Please help in righting this injustice. To take away two young women, from family and friends, mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, for 11 dollars and sentence them to two life sentences each...cannot be called anything else. Perhaps, you are like myself and not aware of everything that occurs, but I was asked by someone on Twitter to join my fellow bloggers in getting the word out. I ask that you do so also. Please call ;Gov. Haley Barbour, (877) 405-0733 or (601) 359-3150 and ask that he pardon these young ladies. If you would like more information I’ve posted the links below:


  1. This is an atrocity! This just goes to show how RACIST the very infrastructure of this country is. When two black women can go to jail over an $11 dollar petty crime both serving double sentences,and yet our major celebrities can get a slap on the wrist for drug trafficking or other violations,what does that tell you? It tells you that our value system is screwed! It tells you that the poor & black are condemned and the rich are upheld. It tells you that there are people in power that are racist and will ruin your life just because you are poor and black! We focus on all types of bullshit everyday (Ex. reality t.v.,soap operas, talk shows) but when the REAL DEAL goes down where the hell is the outrage? I pray for these two women and hope they don't become embittered from a system that has denied them their freeedom & failed them miserably!

  2. this is just down right unfair and ashamed that somebody has to go through this. but one sweet day Jamie and Gladys Scott one sweet day ladies justice will be served I know this cause Iam a true believer that you can't do wrong and keep getting by,just be patient my sisters joy is coming. just continue to call upon our Lord jesus christ our savior. and when you feel evil Gladys and Jamie Scott lord is the name you call. you have my prayers, love, and one sweet day you will walk the streets again just believe and have faith.

  3. Thank you both for your feedback. It is indeed a disgrace, we'll just have to keep the faith that one day they will walk freely in life, and be reunited with their loved ones. Thanks again for commenting.


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