Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Judge Rules in Favor of Constance McMillen

It is said that the "Wheels of Justice grind slowly ", in the case of Constance McMillen it did so quickly, but too late. Although the Court has ruled in favor of Ms. McMillen, and has stated that The Itawamba County Mississippi School Board did not act responsibly in not allowing her to take another female teenager to the prom, the school will not have to reinstate the prom. At least Talk show host Ellen Degeneres has gifted $30,000 to Ms. McMillen. It should help toward college.

It seems that there will be much more to this, as other teens face similar situations. Such is the case of a young man from Georgia, Derrick Martin, who unlike Ms. McMillen was allowed to take  a male partner to the prom by his school. He was however, thrown out of his home by his parents and is now living with a friend.

I had to write something however small as a follow up to my post on Ms. Mcmillen, if only to bring light to one of the difficult situations facing LGBT youth. It's hard enough living in a World that won't accept you. Living in a World in which your own family won't is just unthinkable, and unfortunately, all too common. I kindly remind parents to think before they react to any situation regarding their child's sexual orientation. being homeless or outcast is not something anyone,let alone a teen can cope with well. I urge parents to get some family therapy if they are facing this. No one wants to lose a family member, least of all a teenager.For Teen resources please see my post on gay teens.


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