Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To Be A Real Activist

What does being a Gay activist mean to me? It’s one of the things I am most passionate about, along with Cancer, HIV and Heart Health Awareness. Activism is something that I think should be taken very seriously. Recently, someone whom I know from a social networking site, started following me on this site, through Google follow. This person and I knew each other on Twitter. We were not, are not, and will not ever be friends! I had stopped talking to this individual months ago. I recently sent him a message on He ignored it, and when I asked why he didn’t respond, he said “ I’m not tied to Twitter”. He then went on to make other statements about me to others on his Twitter page. I unfollowed him on Twitter,and this occasioned morecomments about me to others. I will not go into the details of why certain persons and I do not speak, suffice it to say that I do not expect other activists to jump every time I write them, but I do expect them to respect me ( even if they do not like me). I endeavor to do the same. I later found out that this male “activist” had written about me on his blog, albeit without mentioning my name. The gist of it was a rant about him saying he wasn’t obligated to respond to me, because he has the belief that “Stone thinks the world revolves around him”.

Last night while doing research I came upon several articles, even police blotter articles. It seems  this “activist” was convicted for child pornography. To many in the gay community this may or not be a known fact. Many may not know as this occurred a few years ago . I will not mention this person, as I will not give him any further exposure. He is a sad individual. I understand that individuals make mistakes, but as a man who raised three nephews and three nieces, this is something that I can’t ever wrap my head around. Child predators to me are the scum of the Earth. Let me be clear on this, I think Child abusers are one of the worst kind of dirt bags that exist.

This site is not for me to air my personal grievances. It is to bring information to those in and out of the LGBT community. If one really has a passion for activism, I would hope that it is one born of a real desire to help effect change. The activist platform is not one for backbiting and talking behind the backs of others, especially when those doing the talking aren’t in a position to judge anyone. There’s a saying that goes “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. I am one hard person to throw stones at. I live my life out and proud with my partner, whom I’ve been with almost 14 years. To my fellow activists I say this: If you don’t like me that’s fine, the world will go on. You will however respect me, as I respect you. If I don’t respect you  for whatever reason, such as you being a pedophile, I won’t talk about you behind your back.. It is, however, best you keep my name out of your mouth.

In closing I would like to say that there are many individuals that I don’t speak to. It’s not up to me to make everyone like me. I would prefer they did, but if they don’t, then they don’t. Among those are some that I hope one day will see that it’s petty to have strife for a misunderstanding. We’re activists for a reason: To bring about change. It seems many activists have forgotten this. We can do much more together than we can tearing each other apart. Activism purely for the sake of one's own good and exposure is not activism to me. To those activists in the vein of Harvey milk, I say: Keep doing a great job! I hope whoever reads this, whether they know me or not, will keep this post in mind. Be well.


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