Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why LGBT Seniors Need Help With Their Future.

This will be a short post because there is a great site that can give more information than I can. I just wanted to bring attention to the fact of rights for the older LGBT community. What will happen to me when I get older? If I outlive my spouse what will I do? Questions many gays don’t think about. One reason for this is that the gay lifestyle is mostly geared to the young. Younger LGBT’s go to the gym, clubbing, vacationing. Another reason is that many just don’t know the facts.

The crux of the matter is that The federal Government doesn’t recognize the rights of gays. It’s one of the caveats under DOMA.The Defense of Marriage Act. Under this law no one who is gay can receive the same benefits of survivorship or the many other benefits allowed to heterosexual couples.

Why in a society that claims freedom for all, would someone such as myself and my partner, be denied receiving benefits  should the day come when we become old enough? Who would think that after decades together a gay couple have no rights? Unthinkable to heterosexuals. Unthinkable to me. Yet that is exactly the case. I’m sure many agree.

Please take a moment to vist this site: Rockforequality.org and become informed of why it is so important that the laws regarding Social Security be changed. Thank you.


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