Friday, April 30, 2010

Hawaii Passes Civil Unions Bill 444!

Hawaii has just passed civil unions for gays. After much back and forth it now seems that Hawaii may join other states on the path to equality. The State House of Representatives passed the bill by a 31-20 vote late Thursday. It had already passed the Senate back in January. Presently, only three other states ( Maryland, New York and Rhode Island) recognize marriages and civil unions performed in other states. While it is not full equality in the sense that heterosexuals enjoy, it is a step forward to breaking the homophobia that exists in our society. The Bill, House Bill 444 will only confer state benefits to those who apply for Civil Union. Hawaii’s Republican Gov. Linda Lingle has until early July to decide to sign the bill into law.

House Majority Leader Blake Oshiro, Who Is credited for pushing bill HB444 into passage exclaimed happily:

I'm extremely, extremely proud of this day, because Martin Luther King said it best ' The arc of history is long and once and a while you get to bend it correctly ' and Thursday we bent it in the right direction toward justice

The path forward to equality will happen and cannot be stopped. Those who are fighting against equality fight a losing battle. We of the LGBT community, as citizens and taxpayers, demand our right to live with the same rights as any decent section of society. It is not a“special” right, it is a Constitutional and Human right.


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