Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Pope and The Pedophile Priest

Pope Benedict XVI and The Catholic Church have fallen way short of doing what is right by “G-ds Words”. Anyone reading this has probably also read or heard about the scandal (yet again) surrounding the Catholic Church. You haven’t? Well here’s a brief rundown.

It seems this scandal has surfaced regarding the Pope, back when he was still just a regular servant of G-d. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Not the most holy emissary the Catholic higher ups made him after the death of the former Pope John Paul (Born Karol Józef Wojtyla ) on April 2nd 2005. In recent days Pope Benedict has come under scrutiny for his alleged coverup of the Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy, who worked at a renowned school for deaf children from 1950 to 1974, and abused over 200 deaf boys. More can be read here in an article by the New York Times.

Not surprisingly , this is not the first time scandal has arisen from the Catholic Church blessing the actions of a pedophile priest. The aforementioned Pope John Paul was also said to have sought forgiveness for ...and apparently given it, regarding another pedophile priest. This happened way back in 1963, as reported in this piece. What has changed? It’s time for the Catholic Church to stop its meaningless rhetoric and enforce what it preaches. Countless children are being harmed. I could care less if its because of celibacy or because a closeted priest has found the perfect guise under which to abuse a child. Such is the case with all child molesters. It shouldn’t be tolerated.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter why. It matters HOW it is happening, and being allowed to happen. The Vatican’s second in command may say what it wants to, in an attempt to cast the blame of harming children on gays, but the truth remains, covering up any form of child abuse is to me the greatest sin. Whether the perpetrator is homosexual or heterosexual. I will state this: It is NOT a matter of being homosexual. If that were the case homosexual priests would find other priests to have sex with. It seems there are quite a few. It is the matter of being a no good child abuser. Period.

There are no doubt many priests, nuns, clergy of all types, who have a great faith and belief. There are many who live by what they preach. I can’t and won’t put down any religion. I will however, put down anyone whom cloaked under their “faith” harms others.

It’s time for the Catholic Church to stand up and do what is morally, spiritually, and legally correct. The children of the world deserve as much.


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