Monday, April 19, 2010

Rep. Barney Frank says ENDA vote coming soon!

According to Rep. Barney Frank, who is out, as well as outspoken, a vote on ENDA ( Employment Non Discrimination Act ) will be forthcoming within the next two weeks. Rep. Frank has been an ardent supporter of ENDA which has been floating in limbo since 1994. The whisperings among those in favor of the bill, are foretelling a “quick vote” by Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi. Ms. Pelosi has been the focus of many in the LGBT community, who have insisted that she bring the bill up for a vote. She has stated that she would gladly do so, but only if she the bills passage was assured.

Mr. Frank is not the only political figure in the effort to get the bill passed into law. He is joined by, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Mayor of Houston, Ms. Annise Parker, and DC Council member David Catania, who was instrumental in bringing about same sex marriage to The District of Columbia. Speaking of his support of ENDA Mr. Frank stated:

Here's my radical homosexual agenda: Let us get married, join the military and hold down a job.

Many Citizens all across America are facing not only a high rate of unemployment, but also the harrowing fact that they can lose their simply because they are gay. This was recently the case with a buddy of mine, who lost his job after being called a “ faggot”. Unfortunately, he lives in Ohio, one of the many states that have no anti discrimination policy. He is not alone in his quest to just make a daily living, free from a baseless, irrational fear of an employer who can change your life in an instant. The ability to do a job well is and should not be based on who you sleep with.

The coming weeks will definitely be filled with views and heated opinions from both supporters and opponents alike, as the long awaited bill makes its way through to final passage. Hopefully, those who are for or against the bill will not sink so low as to resort to name calling. Such was the case when President Obama recently signed the new health care bill into law. Mr. Frank and his partner were berated with anti gay slurs. The next few weeks should hold quite a story, not only in the battle for gay rights, but also of how much change has actually come to America.


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