Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is One Mom Enough?

Heather has two mommies is a controversial book written by Lesléa Newman in 1989. I thought today , Mothers day, would be a great day to remind the world of it, because to most, a mothers love is special. What makes a mothers love special and what is a mother? The only answer I can give is: Love.

Lesléa Newman stated this as the reason for writing the book:

On this particular day I ran into a woman who, along with her female partner, had recently welcomed a child into their home. "We have no books to read our daughter that show our type of family," the woman said. "Somebody should write one."

Today Mothers all over the world will be showered with love by the children they so lovingly nursed. For those like myself, that love will be shown through memories, but shown none the less. It’s an especially thoughtful day for the many LGBT who are gay or have gay parents. Why? Because society hasn’t learned to accept the fact that a mothers love is the same for a child whose mother loves him or her. Sexual orientation doesn’t deprive a child of that love.

Much is said about the ability of gays to raise children.. I was raised by a widowed, heterosexual mom, the best I could have ever asked for. It wouldn’t have mattered to me if she wasn’t heterosexual. The same way it didn’t matter to her that I am gay. The love would have been just as strong. I can’t tell you how upsetting it is to hear someone say “ a child needs two heterosexual parents”. A child needs love, nurturing and understanding from a good parent. It's sort of strange that in this society, the doors for gays, lesbians and transgender people who are parents have been steadfastly closed. Yet the world does not blink an eye at a celebrity like Sandra Bullock, who has just filed for divorce from her husband, yet is adopting a child as a single parent. Does this mean that her child will not have a loving home with as much love as he can get? Should it be any different for a child with a gay/lesbian parent? No, of course not. The love isn’t any different.

So, on this day I want to remind everyone to think about it. Would it really matter if your mom was “different”.Would you love her any less? I know I wouldn’t have. I don’t think anyone who loves their loving mom (or dad) would . I’d like to wish everyone who is a mom, and those who love their mom, a wonderful Mothers day. In the end one thing remains the same, whether you have one or two moms, the love a child receives from a great parent. Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Who cares if you have one mom, two moms, two dads or one of each? The important thing is that you are loved and nurtured. It's sad that some people don't get that.

  2. Exactly! I couldn't agree more Buffy. Thanks for the comment and have a great Mothers day!


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