Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Reason The Federal Government Used Civil Rights To Steal Our Equal Rights From Us

All of the happenings as of late with Nom (National Organization for Marriage), the sex scandal of anti gay George Rekers, who was recently caught with a male escort, and the many failed attempts of many conservatives to overturn marriage in DC and other states, made me want to do this short video. It is disgusting that in 2010 conservatives, while trying to ban equal rights for the LGBT community, are being caught left and right in compromising positions.

Its really an abomination that even the Federal Government has so much to do with inequality in America. I was thinking about this as I was hearing the news...and a thought occurred to me. The Federal Government with all of its greed and banking ties, learned too much from the hell that Blacks went through during and since the emancipation of the “Negro .It was just getting schooled then. It got its degree when the 1960's came along and with it the cry for the civil rights of Blacks. What did they learn? For one thing they learned not to make the same mistake twice. Not to allow gays to get married, as blacks and whites were, because then, we’ll have to give them the rights (and the financial benefit of marriage) that we gave to Blacks. No Mustn’t do that. So along came a brilliant idea (much like tax breaks for the super wealthy). Let’s make something called “The Defense of Marriage Act” that will nullify any federal equality and deny tons benefits for gays. We'll also make  gays and lesbians pay more in taxes. Its's a brilliant plan for the Fed.

I’ve heard some ask “Why are gays always comparing LGBT rights to the Black civil rights”? What does one have to do with the other? The same injustices are being perpetuated. Even with marriage some might say “ Marriage is between a man and a woman, it’s not like gay rights”. “Black men and women were still men and women”. My reply would be “ Yes, but its strange how they were considered chattel? And aren’t we also men and women? Did not the marriage of Blacks and Whites , too “change” what had been known as “traditional” marriage in America? Are you getting my point now?

The fight to repeal DOMA is one that is not going away. I, for one will keep fighting until the day this hateful law is reversed. I hope you will too.


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