Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time For LGBT Blacks And Latinos To Wake Up

Its time for my Black and Latino LGBT brothers and sisters to step up to the plate! Its sad, but the truth is that we are being left behind. We were never in the forefront...but we’re almost nowhere on the map now. I know what I’m about to say will anger many. I don’t care, it has to be said. The time for cooning is over.

Many Blacks and Latinos are still caught up with the stereotype of what it means to be gay. To many of us it means:

1). Playing the role of a caricature. Wanting to be an exaggerated version of what you think being gay is.

2). Not having the strength in or out of the closet to really dig deep and realize who you are.

3). Not caring about anything more than just today.

4). Giving up on being loved because “relationships” are a waste of time.

5). Not caring if you get sick, because there’s nothing better coming your way.

The truth is we’re doing it to our own selves. Why is it that we as Blacks and Latinos don’t rise up and become more than what we’ve been? I’m tired of seeing so many good looking, intelligent, and caring gay men and women alone and not going anywhere. Don’t believe me? Here is some proof of what I’m saying. Take a look at these searches I did on Google, while I was looking for info to write this:

My search on white gay men;

Now my search on Latino gay men;

And lastly my search on Black gay men;

Blacks and Latinos have got to get their game on. Not their freak on. We all like to feel sexy and wanted. I’m not saying you can’t be sexual. I”m saying, we have to learn to be something MORE than JUST sexual.
You might not agree, but that’s NOT what the gay life is. You may think that at 16 or 20 that the gay life holds just one thing: disappointment and heartache. It does. Only if you allow it to. I'm not saying that life will be peachy keen, all gay rainbows, days filled with sun. No one’s life is ever truly easy. If everyone were heterosexual, trust me, there would still be loneliness and self doubt in the world. I'm saying it can be better for many.

I've e been in contact with so many LBGT peeps over the years, online and in real life. I see the same thing over and over. Hoards of gay men and women who live from day to day...and not in a good sense. People who live much like my partner used to, saying “ NEXT”. Those who don’t allow themselves to find happiness unless its shaking their body in a club, sleeping with everyone, or just closing themselves down. I started this blog knowing it would be an uphill battle. No one man, no matter if he’s a regular man like myself, or the President of the United States is going to change civil rights for gays, how others see us, or how we as LGBT men and women live our lives. Its time for us to think about where we are really going...and in what shape we want to get there. It’s time for the future of Black and Latino gays. Its time for us to wake up.

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