Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Top Twenty Things a Homophobe Will Not Admit

Top twenty things a homophobe will not admit.

1. The majority of pedophiles are heterosexual.

2. Doma (the defense of marriage act) was purely a financial and religious based move.

3. Jesus has never sat down at their kitchen table and said " I hate gays".

4. Only a married couple can destroy their own marriage.

5. If a gay person had the means to save their life, they wouldn't think twice about you being gay.

6. In a nation where you can marry your first cousin in 23 states, it's foolish to try to link being gay with incest.

7. The definition of traditional marriage has been changed many times over.

8. The majority of gays would give their life to protect a child.

9. The right of two loving adults to have a civil marriage has nothing to do with religion.

10. Gays find the idea of marrying their dog as ridiculous as they do.

11. Leviticus also states that a man must marry a virgin, and never a divorced or widowed woman.

12. Belief in religion is not a prerequisite for civil marriage,hence the ability of atheists to marry.

13. Not even aids could wipe out the gay population because we too have a God given right to be here.

14. They use religion as a tool of fear, if not as a way to attach themselves to the "truth".

15. When they say " I love Homosexuals" they really mean "I love homosexuals because I'm better than them".

16. The ten commandments didn't say " Thou shalt not commit homosexuality".

17. Marriage is not solely for procreation.

18. The existance of gays does not mean the end of the world's heterosexuals.

19. Gays don't hold mass rallies and picket funerals holding signs that say God hates anyone.

20. Gays, lesbians,bisexuals,trangender and straights all have a right to live together under equal protection of the law. In all of its forms.


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