Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Transvestite Youth Killed in Hotel Meeting Over Money Dispute

The Authorities in Santo Domingo have arrested a man in the murder of a Transvestite Youth. Juan Bautista Herrera Vásquez (Melin), 24, admitted that he had met the victim, Ramón de Jesús Crisóstomo de León (Monchi), who was 22 years old.

The accused stated he had met the young transvestite for sex at a Hotel in the Dominican Republic, thinking he was a female. According to the perpetrator, he had been drinking and he thought the victim was a female prostitute and arranged to meet him at the hotel for an agreed upon amount of $13.80.

Juan Bautista Herrera Vásquez , told police that when he had gotten to the hotel, he realized his mistake and told the victim:

I could never have sex with a man.

According to the statement given by the murderer, he and the victim then got into an argument with the victim who told him

In any event, I still want my money.

It was then, according to the perpetrator of this despicable crime, that the young man, supposedly tried to stab him with a knife, which he took from him. He then beat him and finally suffocated him with a pillow.

This comes as yet another shock in the wave of transgender murders among the Hispanic community. It was related today that the murderer of Jorge Stevens Lopez Mercado, a young Puerto Rican male had plead guilty to the crime which he committed last November.


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