Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do Lesbian Demons Exist?

Have you ever had a bad habit or something you did that you wished would miraculously go away? Many people have. I guess that’s why when someone has been struggling with an addiction or some problem they can’t resolve, they turn to someone they think may help. Sometimes it’s a family member, a spouse, a therapist or even clergy. Herein lies the point of this post.

It seems that those that can’t account for why we are the way we are, and do the things we do, almost always seek an answer outside of ourselves. Many of us think that others will give us some insight into why and who we are. I don’t know about most people, but I can say I know myself like no one in this world does. Only my spouse knows me better. The good and the bad, and yes, there is bad. Not demonic bad, not destructive bad, but bad none the less. I am not perfect. I doubt anyone is.

Why is it then that so many who are not happy with their intrinsic life allow fakes and charlatans to demonize them for being gay? I’m not talking about shoplifting, or having a beer now and then. I’m talking about those who use religion to say that G-D disapproves of you, or even worse, to say the devil has his horns in your soul. It’s pure nonsense. It’s a ploy in this male dominated world, filled with religious fanatics who are more than willing to destroy a persons psyche and self worth. Instead of help, many in the lgbt community get religious rhetoric and scorn. Some, like the poor individual in the video below have gone so far as to undergo an exorcism of a “demon” who causes him to be attracted to other men.

It’s amazing that in this society it is perfectly okay for the straight male to have fantasies of being with two women. In fact, it’s the number one fantasy of straight men. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that there is a “ gay demon” that has to be driven out of gay men. Why is it always gay men ( like gay pastor Ted Haggard ) who have gay demons? Is it that lesbians in this “mans world” are seen as an asset, and therefore have somehow bypassed the need for exorcism? Of course not! It’s ridiculous. Just like it’s ridiculous that anyone has a demon making them gay. I was once told I have a demon. I was also told my own fathers spirit was making me gay! I however had a great mom who taught me to believe in religion, but also taught me to believe in myself. Somehow there is a strong connotation that gay men are the devils minions. This is a severe disservice to anyone who truly needs help in understanding their sexuality as something that is a normal part of them.

There is a lot I can say about this topic (but for the sake of your eyes and time) need to cut it a bit short. Suffice it to say that the Lgbt community suffers from a demon. Yes, it’s true. We suffer from the demon of homophobia and intolerance. The thing is, this demon isn’t within us. It’s in those who seek to keep the LGBT without rights, deviants to be despised ,called heathens, child molesters, and pedophiles. It’s a demon that is found in small minded and fanatical individuals who won’t let the fact that religion has been influenced by man for many centuries into their way of thinking.. Those same people who often call us sinners, while they themselves have succumbed to way more demons than you or I ever could.

So to all who read this, please stand up for the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered.. Don’t believe those who would seek to tell you that you are not normal because you are different. You are normal. I’m sorry to disappoint those who want to “demonize” the LGBT, but I am going to go have dinner with my spouse. No, it’s not raw meat, not even goat. It’s roasted chicken from the supermarket. Contrary to popular belief Satan hasn’t gotten a hold of me. Nor have I ever done anything with animals, other than to rescue my two cats from the shelter. The idea that we as gay’s have sex with animals is another one of those ideas from the same fount as gay demons. That is a topic for another day. Time for dinner. Be well...and be yourself. Normal.


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