Thursday, July 29, 2010

How America Is losing A Huge Money Opportunity In Gay Travel

It seems that America has missed the boat when it comes to gay marketing and travel. Not only is America behind the times in instituting same sex marriage, but it is stagnating a potential windfall. Consider these facts:

  • LGBT travelers spend an estimated 65 BILLION dollars every year in travel. Needless to say this number is huge. This sum is only likely to get larger for those countries who have enacted gay marriage.
  • LGBT Travelers are 77% likely to make online travel accommodations.
  • LGBT travelers are more likely than heterosexuals to hold a current and valid passport. On average 84% of LGBT to Heterosexual’s 34 percent. Perhaps it’s because many of us in the gay/lesbian community do not have children, and therefor can travel more intensively.
  • LGBT Travelers have an average household income is $81,500 per year, almost 80% above the average U.S. household income of $46,326.

Mexico City legalized gay marriage last December. It was also the first to have its secretary of tourism offer a free honeymoon. Who did it offer it to? To the first same sex couple to wed in Argentina. Argentina legalized same sex marriage last week. Can we say tourism profit? Can we say equality while we’re at it? Indeed we can!

So how is it that America is so out of the equality loop? How is it that so many of us are still struggling to get our rights recognized. It’s sad that America has lost its edge. Its ability to grow and change. Its ability to indeed be the land of the free it has always been touted as. It has in addition to these, lost the ability to generate and stimulate growth. At what price? The price of its many LGBT citizens.

I wonder how many LGBT people will travel to America in the coming years? Doesn’t seem like it will be half as many as there would have been. I think I’ll go look into end of the year flights to Argentina. Hasta el luego!


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