Monday, July 12, 2010

The Pentagon's New Survey On Gays

The Pentagon has just sent out a confidential survey to 400,000 service members to find out how they feel on gays serving openly. The survey which is was done by independent research group Westat for The Pentagon was sent out Wednesday. Is this just a valid attempt to solicit the views and opinions of service members? Is it a way to foresee any complications? Or is it just another ploy by the Pentagon and the Department of Defense to yet again put the rights and lives of a minority group to a majority rules situation? Time will tell. What is known is that the survey which will take approximately 30 minutes, will have to be completed by August 2010.

The repeal of DADT will not be an easy process from the looks of things. There are several surveys still to be completed.

Here are some key points of the survey that went out  this past week:

1) Questions regarding respondents’ overall experiences in the military

2) Respondents’ past experiences serving with individuals they believed to be gay

3) Respondents’ attitudes and sense of repeal’s impact on retention, unit cohesion and effectiveness, privacy, family readiness and their willingness to recommend military service to others.

The survey will of course also focus on how gays serving openly will effect troop morale and readiness.

There will be a second online confidential survey sent out to family members as well, regarding the issue of gays in the military. Somehow it seems all too similar to the “majority rules” football game played by the anti gay groups. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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