Monday, August 2, 2010

Come On Get Happy!

As the NOM Bus goes bust on its Summer tour I’d like to remind everyone to stay calm and focused. I know it’s unnerving to see bigots spout hate and twist the facts, but getting super angry will only make us (the good guys) seem like raging fanatics. We all know it’s the other way around. For more on the NOM tour you can go to

Recently NOM’s Maggie Gallagher had the audacity to say that it is the LGBT community that is trying to take away the rights of heterosexuals. Sorry Mags, but last time I looked, YOU and your allies were the ones blocking US from the 1138 benefits you get that we can’t. Why can’t we? We can’t because of bigots like you. Not for long though.

For someone that screams “Gays destroy marriage and society” at every chance she gets, Mrs, Srivastav (Gallagher’s married name)her husband and family are nowhere around. There are countless gay and lesbian families that are being denied the rights that heterosexuals have as a constitutional right. We deserve that same right and will not stop fighting for it.

In the past Mrs Maggie Gallagher -Srivastav has admitted the fact that Cathy Marino-Thomas has a better marriage than she herself. I’m beginning to think there is no husband to Mrs. Gallagher. None that anyone has ever seen at her side. If anyone has pics of them together, I’d be happy to post them here and give you credit, although I doubt any exist.

So without any further ado, here is my accompanying video on families. At least some of us have tangible spouses!

Here’s hoping every family has a happy Summer!


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