Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mexico's Supreme Court Recognize Gay Marriage Equality

Although Mexico City approved same sex marriage in December of 2009 (Can’t believe it’s been almost a year) it has just now made it fully acceptable. The marriage ruling was approved by a vote of 39 to 20. Mexico’s Supreme court has ruled that all 31 States in Mexico must now recognize same sex marriages. The ruling does not , however mean that all states must perform gay marriages, only recognize them. The next step will no doubt be to move gay marriage across the board, to all states.

Democratic Revolutionary Party lawmaker Victor Romo said:

For centuries, unjust laws prohibited marriage between whites and blacks or Europeans and (indigenous) Indians,". "Today all those barriers have come down."

Even though Mexico’s Supreme Court 9 to 2 decision to recognize gay marriage is to be recognized as a constitutional right ( take note America) it has yet to decide on all the adoption issues. It is expected to be ruled on soon.


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