Saturday, August 28, 2010

Texas GOP Wants To Throw Our Families In Jail

I can almost hear Cher’s “If I could turn back time”. It seems the Texas republicans are really trying to turn back time even more. The GOP has been trying to make gay marriages (which are not legal or recognized in Texas) a felony. It is well known that the Sodomy laws were struck down with Lawrence v. Texas, which invalidated the antiquated and unfair law targeted against gays.

If Texan republicans have their way ( which they won’t) any type of oral or anal sex would become a felony. Of course the race to reinstate the now defunct law is an attempt to implement the law against LGBT individuals, not straights. Gays, however, are not the only ones being targeted.. Here is part of the wording in the GOP’s platform:

Americans with Disabilities Act – We support amendment of the Americans with Disabilities Act to exclude from its definition those persons with infectious diseases, substance addiction, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, homosexual practices and mental stress, thereby reducing abuse of the Act.

So not only is the Texas GOP trying to criminalize Same sex marriage and sexual activity, they are also trying to hinder the progress made in the fight for equal rights of those afflicted with Aids, learning disabilities, and behavior disorders. Is the American public to believe that having HIV/Aids or any disability is an abuse of government money? What is next? Cancer? Diabetes? Alzheimers? It seems that is exactly what the GOP intends.

This is just another reason why rampant and unchecked legislatures have to be dealt with at the voting level. We cannot stand back idly and let the beliefs, religious or otherwise, of a few who are against equality and freedom for all, to turn back time. It’s just not going to happen.


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