Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breakthrough For Gays Wishing To Adopt

There is good news on the LGBT front for Couples wishing to adopt  children. New York Governor David Paterson signed an adoption bill on Sunday that allows gay couples to jointly adopt a child.  The newly signed law allows for the joint adoption of children by unmarried couples  in New York State.

The bill replaces the term husband and wife with “married couple”, although unmarried couples will be able to adopt. This is being done to protect adopted children in the event the couple splits, thereby providing both financial and insurance needs.

Although New York State does not perform same sex marriages, it does however recognize marriages from other States. The following States allow same sex marriage: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and The District of Washington, DC.

Currently, there is a limitation on gay adoptions in many States. Florida however, is the only State to that  has an outright ban.  There is a case making its way through the courts in Tallahassee, FL.. in which  The State as well as The Child Welfare Agency say that if the case involving  two children, adopted by Martin Gill, is deemed invalid, they will not remove the children. Department of Children and Families Secretary George Sheldon Stated:
"Those children appear to be safe, well-adjusted, we are not in the business of doing that [removing them]."

Mr. Gill adopted the children with the approval of  Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Cindy Lederman, who ruled the gay adoption ban unconstitutional.

All of this comes just as Florida’s Gov. Charlie Crist has recently said he is in favor of same sex adoptions. It is widely speculated that Gov. Crist is a closeted gay male, although there is no conclusive proof of this.

This is good news for the LGBT community, which suffered a minor setback, yesterday, when all Republicans and two Democrats in the Senate voted against the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. It is refreshing to see that we are making progress towards equality, even though it seems like an uphill battle.

UPDATE: This afternoon a three panel judge in Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a 2008 Miami-Dade Circuit Court decision striking down Florida’s anti-gay adoption ban, thus allowing  Martin Gill, to adopt two foster children he and his partner had parented for years. You can read more about the ruling  here.


  1. This has been the best news to come out of all the craziness that has transpired this week.

  2. It sure has! I'm glad too. We needed something good after the DADT fail. It's going to be quite a battle until Novemeber! Guess we'll have to give em hell!


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