Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LGBT Friendly Candidates Sweep NYC Primaries

Yesterday my same sex spouse and I voted for our candidates in the NYC Primary. We were up most of the night waiting for the results to trickle in. All in all we were thrilled that most of the candidates we voted for won!  Why is it important to me to vote?  It’s important for many reasons and issues, not just “gay ones”. I will however admit that I vote for LGBT friendly candidates first of all.

Last night as I entered my polling place, I was reminded why I vote: my rights as a U.S. citizen and human being. As fate would have it, as my spouse and I walked out the door, we heard someone call to us. It was a woman who was working at the polls. She also happens to work in Supreme Court with my spouse, Majik. I hadn’t seen her in a few months, so it was a surprise when Christine called us. I hadn’t seen her when we went in. We all quickly said our hellos and before parting she told me (yes in front of the other workers) “take care of him, he loves you”. Having been a court clerk over 20 years, I’ve known her for over 15 years. Majik has known her 10. It’s how long he’s been at the courthouse. Christine  is  a very religious woman, undoubtedly the first words out of her mouth is “praise the lord”. Her religious views, however, are not homophobic ones. In fact she visited my spouse in the hospital when he almost went into a diabetic coma 2 years ago. It feels good to know that the reason I fight for LGBT equality never eludes me. It’s to have the same legal rights that all heterosexuals have. To be respected and seen as everyone else. We deserve no less.  All in all it was a terrific night for us.

The only real setback (but not a surprise) were the following two:

1.) Charlie Ramos did not succeed in ousting homophobic Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz.

2). Lynn Nuñez did not succeed in winning over anti gay Shirley Huntley.

There was however plenty of good news! Many of the LGBT friendly candidates did indeed win. Here are a few that had my vote:

1.) Eric Schneiderman

2.) Kirsten Gillibrand

3.) Toby Ann Stavisky

4.) Gary Akerman

5)  Francisco Moya (ousted Hiram Monserrate)

6) Gustavo Rivera (ousted Pedro Espada)

Of course, I live in Flushing Queens, and was especially thrilled to see Toby Ann Stavisky win again. She has been a stout supporter of gay rights and same sex marriage. In fact she has written me and been quite available when contacted for support.

Then, there was MORE good news. Tim Kennedy trumped anti-gay William Stachowski of Buffalo, NY. In my opinion, the night was a huge success.

Now we have to keep the momentum up and make sure OUR candidates win on November 2nd. It’s up to us to come out and vote...not just in the presidential elections, but in the other ones as well. It’s time to keep fighting back.


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