Thursday, October 7, 2010

“I Love My Boo” Ads Hitting New York in Aim To Help Black and Latino Gays

The GMHC ( Gay Men's Health Crisis) is expanding a campaign it launched in 2008 named “ I Love My Boo”. The campaign which was originally slated to be plastered on bill boards and phone booths, but has mostly been seen only in gay bars and clubs, is hitting NYC subways. Soon the ads will be very visible, no doubt making them controversial as well. They are slated to be shown on 1000 subway cars and approximately 150 subway stations.

You may or may not know that October 11th is National Coming Out Day, is held every year. It is thus fitting that the ads, which are aimed at fighting homophobia and HIV in Black and Latino gays, be aired all this month. The GMHC hopes the use of the ads will encourage an end to the stigma of being gay among the Black and Latino LGBT community. Given the recent outbreak of school bullying and teenage suicides among gay youth, it is especially vital that this message be spread far and wide. The homophobia and hate must stop. So must the shame of being LGBT. Together we can stop not only the hate, but the needless deaths as well . Here is the  "I Love My Boo Video".

Now is the time to help stamp out hate and homophobia in the Black and Latino community. Lets embrace love without shame!


  1. Yes, it is! It's about time that we started breaking down the stereotypes that make us afraid to be who we are.


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