Saturday, December 18, 2010

DADT is repealed by Congress

Today, Dec. 18, 2010 the discriminatory and unfair law instituted 17 years ago, "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was repealed by Congress. DADT has been repealed by a (cloture) vote of  63 to 33.The final vote to repeal ended with 65 to 31 and  was held 3:30  pm. The House had passed the bill by a vote of 250-175 on Wednesday. Although the Senate’s Republicans have tried to block the vote at every turn, the latest tax deals Republicans have made, has left no them no choice. Now all that is needed is for President Obama to sing off on the final part of repeal. He has vowed to do so immediately.

There was much pre-celebration this morning as Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted:
I urge my Senate colleagues today to join the House in honoring American values by passing #DADT repeal & #DREAMAct!
The Dream ACT of course being the bill that would allow some undocumented individuals to become citizens. Both bills were being debated alongside each other.

While it was largely believed that Senator Harry Reid had caledl the DADT Repeal up for repeal because he knew it would not pass, this was apparently not true. Senator Reid also joined in tweeting for repeal:
I urge my colleagues to vote for the #DREAM Act and to repeal #DADT to strengthen our country and end discrimination in our military.

This weekend will no doubt go down in history for  Democrats and  Republicans,but most importantly for those who are serving or have served honorably and have safeguarded this country’s borders. Today marks the end of a long road to repeal an unjust law implemented in 1993 by former President Bill Clinton. A day long over due. Time to celebrate!


  1. This is something to celebrate for sure. I know of one friend serving who is more than happy about it.

  2. It sure is! Here's to a great year buddy!


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