Friday, December 3, 2010

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn To Sign Civil Unions Into Law

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is verged to sign Illinois Civil Unions bill SB1716, also known as the "Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act".The bill was co-sponsored by openly gay State Rep. Greg Harris, who worked on the bill since introducing it two years ago. The legislation was approved by both the state Senate (in a 32-24-1 vote) and House (61-52) last Wednesday.  Although Gov. Quinn said he is elated to be signing the bill into law, it will not take effect until July 2011. Speaking on how he will proceed with the bills signing Gov. Quinn said:
We used the power of democracy and we worked together to make sure that we would have a law in Illinois authorizing civil unions. That law will land on my desk very shortly and I'm going to sign that law

The bills passage is said to be a step toward  the recognition of Marriage Equality for Illinois. Many spoke openly about their hopes for same sex marriage becoming a reality soon. Mayor Richard M. Daley was quick to say:
These are great citizens. They're a tremendous resource for us in our great city. I'm very proud of the relationship that I had with them over many years. And it's really important for us to move forward
Lets hope that we can see it become reality soon. Although there will no doubt be some intervention and futile attempts by organizations such as National Organization for Marriage, equality will indeed move forward.


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