Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fighting For Equality After Our Tragedy

It has been a few months since I’ve written. While I would have liked to continue writing, the fire which destroyed all of our physical memories and all of our belongings, took a huge toll. What happened?

Last June while we were on our way to the home we had shared for 15 years, we were stopped by a neighbor who warned us that our home had burned down. Completely. It was devastating to watch as we got closer, to see the windows we had looked out so many warm nights, were gone. Only the black edges could be seen. More horrifying still, was to walk into our home and see the devastation. The firemen and neighbors all trying to comfort us as we cried and searched for anything we could salvage. Not only was almost everything burnt beyond repair, our two “little ones” our precious cats Starlett and Lalo, were both gone. Our only consolation was that we gave them the best years and love they could have ever had. They were spoiled to say the least. It is still so hard, even as I write this.

I started this site to help bring about equality for all of us in the LGBT community. My life, hard as it has been, has prepared me for dealing with the negativity and hatred of those who call us perverts, pedophiles, and worse. Those who stand ready at every turn to deny us the 1,300 rights bestowed upon them by the government, simply by virtue of being opposite sex couples, the freedom to hold hands, love each other without worry or reproach. To just be happy. No matter what, my fight will continue. I hope that all of those that I’ve come across will continue in the fight with me. It’s said that “No man is an island”. I’ve found this to be true.

Many of those who enjoy reading this blog know that although the posts have slowed down, the fight for equality hasn’t. Many who follow The B.L.O.G. Expression know that I have continued the fight. Some (if not most) follow  @blogexpression on Twitter, for which I am deeply grateful. We have still done our part, sometimes in the public eye, sometimes not. We’ve been blessed to know many good and decent people, both LGBT and straight, Christian, and non Christian, of all faiths and all ethnic backgrounds. Although I've met many  artists, models and stars, I’ve been recently honored by many others such as Mayor of Newark,Cory Booker, Morgan Fairchild, Bobby Rivers, Council speaker Christine Quinn, and others, whom I follow and have the honor of saying not only follow me, but are there when our Community needs them. My heartfelt thanks.

Interestingly enough, although we’re still facing many financial challenges, this year is still bringing us many blessings. My spouse had his spine operated on this last winter, and this Summer we will be able to enjoy being in one of the greatest cities in the world! We will be at Pride, just as we were at the LGBT Expo this last weekend. Our fight for equality is becoming more of a reality with Maryland, Washington embracing Marriage equality. I’ve also been fortunate for some reason, to not only have my spouse, the love of my life by me, my friends, both online and off, but so many good people. To all my readers, my friends, my Tweetsters, I thank you and ask for your continued help in the fight!


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