Sunday, October 7, 2012

Are More News Personalities On The Way Out?

It seems like this year will go down as the year in news. The news of course being the flood of news personalities, whom after years of speculation, have decided to come out. Well known weather man and TV personality Sam Champion, 51, just announced his engagement to his longtime boyfriend, Rubem Robierb. Mr. Champion tweeted on his Twitter page:
I've never been happier to share a bit of personal news!!
The news is abuzz with all comings (out) and goings happening lately. MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts married Patrick Abner in New York,as reported by various media outlets including this article in Daily Mail Online. Another long awaited revelation (sort of..right?) is the news of CNN'S Anderson Cooper who came out as gay last June. He has also been accused by Star Jones of having come out as a ratings ploy. To some of us this was news. To most of us, it wasn't.
All of this extra news is coming out in a year in which, for the first time ever, a sitting President (many had to sit too) publicly stated:
I think same-sex couples should be able to get married
I guess the only news that is left for the viewers of TV and Internet land now is the news of why and when will Fox 5 weatherman Mike Woods will also be coming out. It seems he is in very good company. When that day comes it will definitely be a Good Day New York!.


  1. The more, the merrier! Hopefully it encourages others to be brave

  2. Hey Bams! I agree, it can only make it better for those that aren't yet ready to take the leap! Happy National Coming Out Day buddy!


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