Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Log Cabin Republicans Try To Fool The LGBT Community

In what came as no surprise to those of us in the LGBT community, The Log Cabin Republicans today announced their endorsement of republican candidate Mitt Romney. It is beyond disgusting that this group that touts itself as one whose interests are to “secure full equality for gays and lesbians” would throw the many of LGBT Americans under the proverbial bus. This so called group that states the advancement of civil rights for LGBT Americans, stated on their website:
There is a significant difference between a valid threat and an empty promise made to a vocal but shrinking constituency. In our judgment, the NOM pledge is ultimately merely symbolic and thus should not be the basis of a decision to withhold an endorsement from an otherwise qualified candidate.
Really? Are we in the LGBT community so ignorant and gullible to believe that this group has our interest at heart? I don’t think so. To put their stamp of approval on a candidate that has pledged to ban Federal Marriage for LGBT Americans shows that this group is foremost about getting their party nominated. If they truly believe that Governor Romney did indeed make an “ empty” and “ symbolic” pledge to NOM, is this the candidate they think will be a good commander in chief of The United States? It’s laughable at best. The Log Cabin Republicans must be reading (and more) from the pages of Romney’s campaign managers. FYI, Mr. Romney gave 10,000 dollars to NOM in 2008. The National Organization for Marriage is the main group who ( along with the Mormon and Catholic church ) backed Prop 8 in California. Stripping that state and its LGBT citizens of the legal title of civil marriage. This is making sure they “secure full equality for gays and lesbians” as stated on their website?

 It seems that backtracking and lying may be a pivotal aspect of being a republican. It’s ludicrous to me that this group backs someone who would not only ban marriage for gays and lesbians, but also block visitation rights for the many of us in loving committed relationships, as stated in this article in The Huffington Post. In that article Mr. Romney stated he believes that “being able to visit a dying spouse in the hospital is a "privilege," not a right. Really Mr. Romney? Really Log Cabin Republicans? This helps the LGBT community in what way? I guess it’s a privilege ONLY to those of us who are LGBT. Heaven forbid that Mr. Romney not have the right to visit his wife on her deathbed. Although we know that will not happen. The rest of us can just wing it...and pray for the best. Right?

It is time for us to not accept anything but concrete facts regarding candidates and those in office. The assumption of The Log Cabin Republicans that Mr. Romney's support for the amendment does not disqualify him from getting the group's endorsement because "times have changed.” is beyond mind boggling. News flash! Times have not changed for the many of us who are fighting, not only in day to day life, but at the ballot box as well, to ensure we have full civil rights. We are still denied (under DOMA) the over 1,300 rights that heterosexuals have. Small change and handouts are not what we are working towards. It’s real and full equality.

 If those of us who are LGBT stand idly back, don’t vote, speak out, spread the world, and communicate, with both our LGBT and Non LGBT allies, to ensure that the rights we have gained under President Obama are not rolled back, we have no one but ourselves to blame. Many in this great country knew when to fight and die for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t think we’re going to turn back and do anything less.


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