Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jet Magazine: Changing How Blacks See Marriage Equality

   Jet Magazine has made history! In further proof of changing times, for the first time ever the 61 year old Magazine has put on its cover a black couples marriage nuptials. Not any black couple, a black male couple.  The newly happily married couple, are featured in the current issue of Jet that came out on December 10th 2012. Mr Ravi Perry, a Mississippi University professor and Mr. Paris Prince, who is a compliance officer for The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, met while Ravi was studying for his Ph.D., a feat for Mr. Prince who had to drive 6 miles to see his then fiancé spouse.

   While the magazine has mostly been a staple of the black community, like many other enduring publications, it has readers from a large and diverse spectrum. Although this month marks the first time a black gay male couple has graced the cover, it not the first issue dealing with LGBT concerns, although those issues were mostly lesbian related. The iconic magazine has a long history of not being afraid to tackle issues regarding the LGBT community. It has done so as far back as 50 years ago, as evidenced by this Jet cover from April 15th 1954:

    It therefore comes as no shock to me that Jet magazines many readers have widely accepted the fact that the time has come for the magazine to fully break the last remaining stigmas and taboos associated with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgendered) individuals. Fitting, in an era in which the FIRST black president of the United States, President Barack Obama, has for the first time in US history endorsed marriage equality. The first time ever a sitting president has done so.

     All across the nation, minds as well as hearts are opening and adapting to the change not only within the white communities, but the black community as well. Only this week, Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta stated his own evolution and change of heart this week and endorsed marriage equality as well.

     This is to me the beginning of the end for the many who would try to derail the train of democracy that is equality. Those that have fought tooth and nail to paint those of us who are LGBT as a detriment to marriage, when nothing could be further from the truth. Those who are opposed to unions like the one of Ravi and Paris, (and mine as well) will no doubt have a hard time adjusting to a changing world. They will, however be bought, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. I just hope they have enough throat lozenges.

     What do you think?


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